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Online Estimate

Do you want an estimate? Brutus Roofing will provide you a free estimate within 24-hours. All you have to do is to submit a request for an estimate. 

  • Brutus Roofing provides fastest estimation service. Once you post the request, you will receive your estimate within 24-hours. 
  • Our technical team the latest technology i.e aerial imagery for taking the measurements of your roof. The estimate also comprises a drawing of your roof. 
  • Brutus Roofing offers multiple Roofing Systems as per your budget. We also provide an additional warranty for each Roofing System. 

Request an Estimate

In the first step, you have to submit a request for the estimation of your roof. Once the request gets submitted, you have to fill out a form providing us the exact information about your location.

Digital Measurement

In the second step, our professionals measure the roof by aerial imagery.

Estimate Generation

After the measurement, our professionals generate an estimate for your roof.

Estimate Delivery via E-mail

Once the estimate is created, it is mailed to you. Then our representative dies a follow-up call to know if you have any queries.

Our Roofing Systems