Insurance Claims

In America, Hurricanes are the most common disaster. The wind blowing at 150+ kilometers per hour can rip off your roof. The winds are horrific enough to shred off the roofs from the base and eventually, the innards will be exposed to the wind. 

After such terrible events, most of the people go for the insurance claim. But for the successful execution of filing the insurance claim, you must have complete know-how to the policies. Most of the contractors stay unfair in the case of insurance claims. If you are one of such clients, then Brutus Roofing is here to help you. Our team is highly trained and professional. They have complete know-how to all of the insurance issues and claiming procedures. 

Having complete legal certifications, our team can help you with insurance claims. All you have to do is a phone call and you will receive our feedback within 24-hours. 


Once you file the claim, your claim is allotted to the insurance adjustment professional.

Initial Contact & Evaluation

The assigned adjustment professional contacts you for the initial proceedings and the claim adjuster evaluated and presents you with the report of your loss.


Your claim is then resolved in the form of a replacement. This is to be done by the contractors, not your insurance company. If you don't find any adjuster then Brutus Roofing will definitely cooperate with you. Our licensed adjustment team will help you to claim your insurance.


Once you are done with the claim, the claim is closed by the Insurance company.