Get to know us

About Us

Brutus Roofing started with the vision of being the best in the business. Our motive was to rule the roofing world of Florida. Having an extensive experience of serving various domestic, commercial, and industrial communities for roof restoration and replacement, we are one of our own kind. We offer some well-crafted roofing facilities having warranties up to 25-yrs. 

Safety comes first! As safety is our responsibility, so we never compromise on it. Our health and safety professionals are highly committed to health and safety. They train the workers very well to ensure the safety of themselves, their equipment, and your property. As we believe that safety is the key to the clients’ trust. 

Customer Satisfaction

Brutus Roofing is one of the most dignified roofing contractors of Florida. The reason is our customers' trust that comes with our distinguished customer services. Customer satisfaction is our priority which ensures that the clients' urge to work with us on a prioritized basis. Our highly experienced staff, equipped with the best instrumentation, makes the state of the art workmanship possible. With a highly professional and well-equipped staff, Brutus Roofing ensures flawless and highly satisfactory roofing work with guarantee and insurance.

Professional Ethics

Our work is based on the pillars of integrity and professional ethics. Our team is like our family. We seek the essence of teamwork, hard work, honestly, and morality from our staff. We endeavour for professional and positive communication between our team and clients. Our team is always well organized and punctual for the work. We believe in respect and we mean it.

Our Goal

Our goal is to create a sense of harmony in our workers. We want them to strive for betterment and development. We expect them to contribute their part in the development and enhancement of our business. We seek ownership from them. And we are lucky that our highly skilled team worths it. Indeed they are the actual stewards of our company.